Statement of Director


The main task for PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) when implementing the Act No. 33 Year 1964 concerning the Passengers Accidents Obligatory Insurance Fund and Act No. 34 Year 1964 concerning Road Traffic Accident fund, is totake the Company to a different level than any other insurance companies. This task, categorized by the company as social insurance, requires that it and all of its business processes develop fundraising that will ultimately be used to fulfill its obligations to pay insurance claims to people who have experienced public transportation and road traffic accidents.

These duties require the Company to be Innovative and Creative in order to maintain funding liquidity, besides the service to the community as a customer, is continuously improved through the speed of completion of the compensation. 

Jasa Raharja's performance results cannot be separated from the work of various parties. Funding fulfillment from partners, Police, and Hospital agencies cooperation, and investment management all mipacted the financial performance, and were all-important in Jasa Raharja's positive Achievement in 2016.

As to improve our service to the community, Jasa Raharja also open for any suggestion from the community. As per suggestion or critics will improve our service quality. Otherwise, as the openness, Jasa Raharja trying to inform our duties that has been done. This website can be accessed globally, widely so everybody can learn and read about our task and duties for the community. Thus, we expect from this website can maintain our relation to the community, because we exist for our community.

the Board of Directors expresses its gratitude to Shareholders, Stakeholders, Regulators, and Board of Commisioners who have been working together throughout 2016, To business partne rs and other stakehollders, the Board of Directors also thank them for the already established collaboration. To all employees, please allow the Board of Directors to express their appreciation for the dedication provided. Through tis collaboration, the optimism to continue to strengthen the Company will continue to be sustained, and will have a positive impact on the fulfillment obligations and Company.