Compensation Procedure

Prosedur Pengajuan Santunan Jasa Raharja:

Lengkapi formulir yang telah disediakan dan lengkapi data diri anda
Pastikan dokumen dan bukti-bukti untuk klaim sah dan lengkap
Dokumen akan diteliti dan proses pengajuan santunan akan dimulai.

As Regulation of Indonesian Finance Minister No. 15&16/PMK.010/2017 Date 13 Februari 2017, the amount of compensation for the victims of land/sea/air traffic accidents described as follows:

Death 50.000.000,- 50.000.000,-
Permanent Invalidity (Max.) 50.000.000,- 50.000.000,-
Medical Treatment (Max.) 20.000.000,- 25.000.000,-
Costs of Burial
(No Valid Heir)
 4.000.000,-  4.000.000,-
Added Benefits
First Aid Costs
 1.000.000,-  1.000.000,-
Added Benefits
Ambulance Costs
  500.000,-    500.000,-

Legal Heirs and Expiration

Compensation given to the Legal Heirs as the scale of priority that follows:
  1. His legal widow/Her legal widower;
  2. His/Her legal children;
  3. His/Her legal parents;
  4. In case the victim has died and has no heirs, to those who have taken care of the burial compensation is given of the cost of burial
Ther right on compensation payment shall become null and void in the following cases:
  1. if the claim on payment out of the Fund has not been submitted within the period of six months after the event of the relative road traffic accident.
  2. if the right on payment has not been realized by a claim submitted to the Enterprise above within the period of three month after the recognition, confirmation or legalization of the right